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  • Jiya Dave

What's trending for 2020?

Eyewear isn’t just functional, it’s very much a staple piece of fashion which can bring together your whole look.

There were some key trends in 2019 and now in 2020 it looks like they are here to stay…


One of the continuing trends includes an all metal round frame. These act as a statement piece of jewellery creating a sophisticated vintage look.

Alternatively, retro metal aviators create an edgy vibe.


Acetate frames with elements of metal, either a metal bridge or nose piece look exceptionally sleek. The double bridge look has also started to become popular.


Translucent frames sometimes with a hint of colour have been a popular trend over summer. It creates a youthful playful look ideal for all face shapes.


Darker colours can be worn throughout all seasons and are here to stay. Round acetate frames are versatile, perfect for dressing up, but can double up for casual chic occasions. Black and brown frames are still popular colours, and of course tortoiseshell is always a timeless classic.

It is important to pick eyewear that not only looks good but also makes you feel confident. High quality beautiful eyewear is a valuable investment, instantly creating different looks and making your statement. They can be worn to create a smart business impression, used to dress up at formal occasions or as an accessory to create that casual chic look.

Beautiful eyewear will frame the face and add those final touches to complete your entire look. They are essential to complementing your outfit and accentuating your style.

Written by Jiya Dave

Fashion Designer

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