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Minimalism - A Guide to a Simple Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Minimalism is the art of owning less and appreciating more. It allows you to remove all distractions and temporary desires and focus on the things which give purpose. There are different extremities of minimalism and it doesn’t always require the end goal is to have zero possessions or own only one outfit or no furniture. Below you will find 4 tasks you can do to begin your journey as a minimalist. Follow them as rigorously or freely as you like to begin with.

1. Donate, discard and declutter

Starting with your wardrobe, donate anything that you no longer wear or no longer

Photo by Roberto Jackson

fits. Be honest with yourself as this can be a difficult process. Next tackle other items such as shoes and accessories. A recent survey suggests we own 5 times the number of shoes we actually need! Pro tip: Pick a go-to outfit or two that’s comfortable, adaptable and easy to iron and make it your signature look. The less clothes you own, the less time you spend deciding on what to wear so you can keep your energy for the big decisions you need to make each day.

2. Technology/Social media cleanse

Photo by William Hook

Mark Zuckerberg might hate me for what I’m about to say next but a social media cleanse is good for the soul. If you are struggling to get clean, start by removing the apps you least use or would like to use less of. We all know how easy it can be to mindlessly scroll through Instagram watching endless reels and TikTok trends. You will soon realise how much spare time you have to do the things that really matter. Start by clearing out old photos, unsubscribing to marketing emails and organising your apps. Resist downloading shopping apps which often send you notifications to lure you into buying more things.

3. Cosmetics, toiletries and anything alike

We are all guilty of buying things we simply do not need and cosmetics and toiletries are an easy target. In reality, we only really need a handful of products. Use up any open or new bottles of shampoos/body creams/face products etc before buying any more, even if it’s not your regular brand. You will find satisfaction in limiting your waste and

your pocket will thank you later. Only replace your products when you are nearly out and resist bulk buying even with those tempting offers. Most people have countless perfumes which are gifted over the years yet we only have one or two signature scents. Use up what you have and whittle it down to your favourites.

4. Bookshelf makeover

I received a Kindle for my birthday a few years ago and it is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. It’s not often that I receive a gift that I make full use of even many years later but my Kindle has become part of my personality and I am very rarely seen without it. You can replace 90% of your bookshelf by downloading the e-book version. Its super easy to highlight the important excerpts and refer back to it later without flicking back through pages. Keep the hard copies that are your all-time favourites and one’s with sentimental value. Your bookshelf will look cleaner and more meaningful to you.

The journey to living in true minimalism takes a lifetime of commitment. These 4 steps are just the beginning but I hope this helps those exploring a new lifestyle. Some of the tasks are easier than others and will take longer to complete. Minimalism is designed to allow you to enjoy a more fulfilled life with fewer materialistic possessions but it can take years to achieve. Take it slow and enjoy the process.

Happy Minimalism –

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