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product CARE.

Looking after your spectacles is the most important factor in ensuring your frames survives all of life's adventures. Follow these steps below on a frequent basis to maintain the longevity of your spectacles.


Use a specific lens spray or rinse your lenses under lukewarm water and dry off using a lint-free tissue. Don't forget to clean the temples and bridge of the frame as they are in constant contact with your skin. Use the microfibre lens cloth included in your spectacle case to gently clean the lenses in a circular motion ensuring the lenses are streak-free. Our microfibre lens cloths can be washed on a low temperature and with out detergent to be reused time and time again. 


Always remember to put your spectacles on, and take them off with two hands and never fall asleep wearing them. Avoid putting them on your head, or tucking them in your shirt to keep the frame from splaying and becoming out of shape. Avoid touching the lenses and never face your lenses down on any surface to prevent any permanent scratches. Get into the habit of putting them away into their case whenever you are not wearing them.


If your lenses have a glare-reducing coating, be sure to limit the exposure to high levels of heat. Never leave your spectacles in direct sun-light such as the dashboard in your car and don't take them into a steam room or sauna. The intense heat can create a 'crazing' effect on the lens surface which is irreversible, significantly reducing the clarity when looking through your lens 


We have learnt how to take care of your spectacles at home, however, your spectacles may require some extra love which is normal  with every day wear. Over time, your spectacles may start to feel loose on your head or they may feel unbalanced on your nose. Take your BEAM by London frames to one of our retailers and one of the team would be happy to realign your frames to fit perfectly again.

If you have any questions about caring for your spectacle frames or need a repair, please contact us here or send an email to

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