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7 Questions with Dr Damaris Raymondi (@newyorkeyedoc)

We Invited Dr Damaris Raymondi To Answer 7 Of Our Burning Questions. Follow Her On Instagram @newyorkeyedoc And Check Out Her Podcasts By Following The Link At The End Of Her Interview.

1. What Inspired You To Choose Optometry?

I became nearsighted in middle school and I was the first person that I knew who wore contacts. I really liked how clear my vision was and how I could see even the smallest letters on the blackboard. Without realizing I became an advocate for annual eye exams at that young age by letting everyone who would listen to me know that they need to have clear vision.  I chose optometry because I think eyes are absolutely beautiful and I wanted to learn more about them.

2. Tell Us About Your Typical Work Day

At work I have a reduced schedule to keep patients socially distanced due to the Covid pandemic. I'll typically see 10 patients per day, on most of them I perform dilated retinal evaluations. Once a week I see all paediatric patients and the rest of the time I diagnose and treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other pathologies and co-manage with other healthcare providers as well since I am a hospital-based optometrist.

3. Tell Us About The Most Interesting Patient You Have Examined

I've seen a few celebrities all of which had pristine ocular surfaces. Lately I have been absolutely fascinated with every single child who ends up having a color vision deficiency, their adaptability fascinates me and truly all my patients inspire me to learn more and continue studying so that I can better help them.

4.How Many Fabulous Pairs Of Glasses Do You Own And What Is Your Favourite?

3 fabulous pairs, 2 regular pairs, and a handful of sunglasses. My favorite is my Jacques Marie Mage Jules pair!

5. What Hobbies Do You Have Outside Of Your Profession?

I love to read a lot, right now I am reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and I am loving it. I'm a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan so I watch a lot of Bollywood movies. I love working out so I'm always either on my at-home spin bike or doing boot camp.

6. What Is Something You Have Never Done But Always Wanted To Do?

I have never started my own business and that's something that I would like to do soon at some point so have my own clinic but if not that then something else.

7. What Is Your Favourite Book Of All Time And Why?

All time hands down, A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It's historical fiction and I loved learning about 1950s India through exploring the lives of 3 different families. It's so poetic and beautifully written and it is the longest long I have ever read it took me many months to finish but definitely worth reading. Runners up include Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and The. Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Check out my podcast it's all inspirational interviews with healthcare providers meant to recharge you before you start your workweek

- Dr Damaris Raymondi

Follow her on instagram @newyorkeyedoc

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