How to Choose Frames for your Face Shape

Updated: Aug 31

It’s funny how choosing wrong frames can drive some people to using the other type of glasses – wineglasses. The good news, is that the problem is not that the beautiful glasses you see on exhibition in that ocular-care store don’t fit you because your face can’t take on flattering eyeglass frames, they’re just not a great match for your face shape. Okay, maybe that’s not as encouraging as it’s intended, but the reality is that getting the best look out of your corrective lens or sunglasses – when it comes to aesthetics at least – largely depends on that delicate balance between your face size and shape and the glass frame size and design. If you want to get the best glass frame fit for your face, below are a few guidelines written for some common face shapes. Cram the instructions for your face shape to help you know how to choose frames for your face shape: Frames for Round Faces If you look straight at the mirror and the shape of the head that you see has its length and width in almost equal angles and proportions, then you have a round face. In selecting glass frames for round faces, go for frames that will make the face look thinner and longer. A perfect choice would be angular yet narrow frames, or rectangular frames with greater breadth than depth. If the frames have well-defined bridges…….all the better. Frames for Square Faces If your jaw, cheekbones and forehead have equal width, with many angular lines and your face has almost equal length and width, then you have a square face. To choose the perfect frames for square faces, the aim is to relax the angles while making the face look longer. Thus, narrow oval frames, frames with greater breadth than depth and generic narrow frame styles are the best choices for square face shapes. Frames for Oval Faces Well known to be the model face shape, the evened-out proportions of oval face shapes are exploited best by frames that have greater width than the breadth of the widest segment of the face. These oversized glasses or even walnut frame designs are not the only options for oval shaped faces, however, with the balanced sections of oval faces allowing an infinite amount of variations in frame choices. Frames for Heart-Shaped Faces Heart shaped faces have a wide top that narrows down to its bottom. Simply put, if you have high cheekbones, a narrow chin and your forehead is the widest part of your head, you have a heart-shaped head. You can temper the width of the top-third part of the face with frame designs that are broader at its bottom side. A suitable alternative are rimless glass frames with superficial lightweight. Frames for Triangle Faces This bit is for you if your face is sort of a heart-shaped face with its base down, i.e. with a narrow face that expands to your jaws. The best fits for triangle faces are frames that help to make your forehead look broader and bolder. You can do this with the right color or detailing on the upper-third part of the frame. Love-shaped glasses, geometric, circular, or cat-eye glasses will easily make you the cutest face in the room. Frames for Oblong Faces The ideal oblong-shaped face is simply of greater length than width, probably with straighter cheek lines than other face shapes. To even out the length of the face, use a glass frame with more length than width. Another effective approach is using contrasting colors to balance the face length and width. Triangular frames also have a similar effect. Hopefully, this can guide you to pick aright when shopping for glasses frames, so you can bring the best features of your face to light. Good luck!

AUGUST 20, 2019

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